• Monday, 16. May 2022 01:43

Sontalak's Deadly Auras (FTK!)


Tier 2 has opened, so last night we headed to Sontalak's cave to take him on.  There are a lot of moving parts in this fight - big white aura that revolves around him (and must be avoided or you get banished) as well as a green aura from a statue that kills you.  On top of this, waves of adds, adherents, aggressors and so on, that come in a steady stream for what feels like weeks.  Those adds need to be moved around as well, to avoid the rotating white aura, and they have a nasty habit of settling into the green aura, thus killing people who are on them and not paying enough attention.

It took us three tries, tweaking the strategy each time, and killing numerous rangers (yeah, I know) but we finally got the payoff!

Hail Champions!


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