• Monday, 16. May 2022 01:16

CoV Break-In!


Well, after what felt like months of slogging through ToV reruns and the CoV beta, not to mention the horrors of 2020, it's finally out - new expansion and new raids!

We started with the raid version of the DN Hero which most of us have done a number of times by now, Zlandicar!  This event was pretty straightforward - kill the dragon as fast as possible and keep certain adds (Pipers) from reaching him.  I'd say we can consider this one to already be on "farm status":

Next, we moved on to "Tantor & Friends" - who we killed on the first try in beta, but not so much after that as it was tweaked.  This event is a bit more complex, with vicious bunny rabbits (seriously!) as well as Tanterlings that spawn along the way and have to be run away from the raid.  Tantor also chases you forcing you to flee!  We managed to take him down as well!

Finally, we moved on to Klandicar.  Here is a nice image of him waiting to be killed!

Sadly, my camera jammed at this point and I was unable to capture the kill shot, but I'll be sure to post it next time we do the raid!




With revised strat and working camera in hand, we returned to Klandicar and exacted our revenge!

CoV T1 down!


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