• Monday, 16. May 2022 01:34

News of Champions - Summertime Edition!


Greetings Champions!

Since we last posted, a lot has happened, in the game and in real life.  Most of us would agree, I am sure, that the game is a welcome respite from the challenges of real life, so, through it all, we continue to play!  What have we been up to?  Well, we have pretty much worn out TBL and are pretty much focused on ToV these days.  A lot of folks have made great progress on their Ears, or have finished them.  We did take time out to beat our heads against the wall in Mearatus for a while.  Here's proof!

That was so much fun we decided that we really should be focused on ToV.

We have made great progress in ToV as well, including a recent FTK of Velk's!

And, of course, the payoff!

On a personal note, the three months since I last posted have been difficult for all of us, myself included.  Some have lost jobs, some have been wearing masks (and some not I suppose).  Speaking for myself, I lost the love of my life in April to Cancer, so it's been hard.  For 20 or so years, my wife put up with my game play in EQ, in fact, encouraged it.  Even when she was ill, she wanted to make sure I never missed a raid because she knew I enjoyed it and it was important to me.  Many of us have someone in our lives who puts up with our love of this game and makes room for us to play.  Make sure that person knows how much you appreciate it, I know I did.




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