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News of Champions - Late March Edition!


Greetings Champions!

So, the news team has expanded, thanks in part to an infusion of "new" blood from AoH.  I am Elmindor and I am now part of that expanded team!


Now that we have combined forces (AoH into CoN), I'm sure you would agree that we are now a very strong team and we are kicking ass!  What have we done lately??? Where to begin?

Well, one of the first things that we beat as a combined force was Stratos, and that is now completely on farm status (now that we have figured out, more or less, how not to wake up sleeping mobs!):


Great Divide - once we figured out that the Coldains not only were on our side, but were uber, we've been beating Great Divide:

Great Divice

Eastern Wastes has fallen as well, Griklor (refused to pose for a photo, sorry!) and the Sleeper have fallen.  The Sleeper was a bit tricky until we figured out that skirt wearers and other range fighters should be located over on the pillar (oh, and that we should not blow things up near the pillar), after that, piece of cake!


What else???? ToFS has been beaten a few times now, although it still requires a serious investment of cannon fodder:


Aalishai has fallen, although it too has require some investment!

Here we are, enthusiastically awaiting our first attempt!

Aalaishai 1

Here we are, after our first attempt!

Aalaishai 2

But, never fear, we have now beaten it several times!

That's just a sampling of our adventures since December.  Stay tuned for more!

On a serious note, stay safe Champions and keep washing those hands!



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