• Monday, 16. May 2022 00:31

Defenders - FTK!


Well, that was easy! (not)

It feels like we've been working on Defenders since the beginning of time (actually, it was April, but it feels like ages!).  We have tried a number of strats along the way, including one where the Red Dragon actually disappeared (well, somehow or other he was way above us and no one could hit him without a bow!). 

Last night, it all came together!  What did we do?

  1. Take fewer people
  2. Better positioning of Drakes and Dragons (to avoid auras, etc)
  3. Turn off player models (which helps with finding Drakes)
  4. Die less and DPS more!

That's what I noticed anyway ...

Hard event to get screen shots as we are so busy all the way through, but, just like a good porno, there have to be action shots, so here is one anyway!

And, finally, here we are relaxing and drinking beer after the conquest!

Yeah!  New loot!

Aary, here we come!


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