• Monday, 16. May 2022 00:49

Crusaders Falls!


About friggin time!  Crusaders, our latest Bete Noire, has finally been beaten!  Every attempt at this raid so far began the same way:

If you know the stages of any project, this is the "irrational exuberance" phase of the adventure.  After this, our strat kicked in.  We tried, essentially, the following:

  1. Leroy Jenkins Attack - we all go "balls to the wall" to take them down (and get flattened)
  2. Groups in corners - we left a full group in each corner (better, but not enough DPS to finish, plus one group got wiped out by accident crossing the zone)
  3. Ranger/Pally pairs in the corners (worked better, but without the Rangers for the final push, failed (of course)
  4. Leroy Jenkins Attack - enough said
  5. Modified Leroy Jenkins - but with a Pally in each corner (and bards DA'ing the groups) ..

So far, so good!

And, and, and ...



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