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Breaking News - Tov has Fallen!

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Greetings Champions (and friends of Champions)!

Can you believe it???  Baseball is back!  Wait, let me read this again, no, that's not it, ToV has fallen!  We began our march with remastery of ToFS1 (I still think that means "Tower of Frozen Shit", but I'm told that's not true).  No photos were taken, been there, done that, again and again!

Following that, we moved on to the Wedding Event (Til Death Do Us Part) .  Turns out, that one was the easiest of the three, at least in my view.  Here are a couple of photos from the event:

The Event:

The Payoff!

Having taken down the happy couple, we moved on to ToFS 3 (Tsserina Syl'Tor).  She was waiting for us:

This one turned out to be a bit trickier and we experimented with a number of strat tweaks until we figured it out.  One challenge was figuring out how to get to the wall in time after being summoned.  The secret here turned out to be "run to the first wall you see after being summoned" - sounds easy, but wasn't!  The next challenge was figuring out how to identify & kill the correct mirrored images.  The answer to that turned out to be "put the person be mirrored out in the middle so we can see what they look like" (vs, descriptions such as "well, he's an ogre, he's kind of green, smells and is large!").   Those tweaks got us through it after a few tries - here we are finally nearing the end:

And, down she went (taking ToV with her)!

All hail the conquering heroes!  All hail CoN!

(back to Meratas???


Go CON!!! Thanks for another great update Elmindor!

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