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Aary - Finally Dead!

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Good things never come easy.

I really don't remember when we started working on Aary, it feels like ages ago.  The last post was our FTK on Defenders in June, so I suppose that's when it was, but damn if it doesn't feel like years!  How many attempts to get the Strat, no, really the mechanics, down?  35 to 40?  I think so.

It's really not a difficult event from a combat perspective, it is all about everyone on the team knowing their role and performing that role without error.  That finally happened, last night, it went so smoothly it felt like a farm event!  Here are some pics from the journey ...

The event begins with Aary on the ground, where he stays until 50% or so.  It seems easy enough at first, just hit him!

Once it gets rolling, it's all about the auras and managing the adds.  The aura team includes people who are going to get banished, so they are grouped with a mage who can summon them on call.  Grolik is also a challenge, once he spawns he has to be unlocked (rangers from the aura team do this with nukes) and he is then DPS'd for the rest of the event by a few Wizards (and no one else).  Once sufficiently damaged, Aary goes airborne and flies around for a while, on the ground, orbs and adds are spawning and killed.  3 groups from the guild run through the Fire aura, in addition to the "called aura" so that they can pick up a bane that helps with killing the adds.

Eventually, he lands and has to be killed (while continuing to manage orbs, adds, and so on).  Do all of that flawlessly, and it's a win!

FTK Aary!



Great Achievement CON !

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